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Committees KV Stadskanaal '74

All committees

Een vereniging kan niet zonder commissies die naast het bestuur de vereniging draaiende houden. Op deze pagina stellen een aantal van deze commissies zich voor

Tournament Committee

The tournament committee consists of the following people:

Henk, Atte, Aafke, Arthur, Marjan, Renzo and Trijnie.

Every year the tournament committee organizes a korfball tournament in preparation for the indoor season. In recent years this tournament has grown into an international tournament with participants from many different countries.

More information about the tournament can be found on the tournament page.

Youth committee

The youth committee is mainly concerned with secondary activities for young people.
You can think of a movie night, swimming, ghost tours, camping, Sinterklaas party and a game afternoon.


The youth committee consists of the following persons: Henk,  Christiaan,  Jesper,  Matthijs, Kim, Gonda,  Eric,  Marjan en  Marco

canteen committee

The canteen committee ensures that someone is always present when there are training sessions, competitions, meetings and side activities in the canteen. that way there is always a nice cup of coffee or tea in the canteen!

The canteen committee consists of Aafke, Maaike, Jaap, Marrieke and Marjan

Commissies Jeugdcommissie_edited.jpg

Materials committee

The material committee consists of the following persons:
Eric, Jaap, Gerard and Arjen.
The materials committee ensures that the materials are in good condition and reports any defects and shortcomings to the board.

School korfball committee

The school korfball committee consists of the following persons:
Christian, Kevin and Sander.

This committee regularly organizes a tournament between teams from primary schools from the municipality of Stadskanaal.


Technical Committee (TC and JTC)

The TCs make sure

– That there are enough players and reserves every week to be able to play the matches.

– That there is enough transport for away games.

– The committee provides the trainers/coaches and referees.

Annie does the competition secretariat for the Seniors, together with the team manager Johan (1st).

The Youth TC (JTC) carries out these tasks for all youth teams. Marjan and Ina together form the JTC.

Commissies schoolkorfbal.JPG

Social Media Team

This committee manages all social media accounts of the association and ensures that there is plenty to do on social media, including the website.

We can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube.

The committee consists of Kevin, Sander, Christiaan, Marco, Kim and Nienke

Activiteiten commissie

Deze commissie organiseert alle activiteiten van de senioren. Bijvoorbeeld escaperooms, kerstdiner en het oktoberfest.

Commissies Ativiteitencommissie
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