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About the association

We have been active in Stadskanaal and its surroundings since 1974.  We provide training and activities for members from Stadskanaal and places in the area. Every year we organize an international korfball tournament that is well known in the international korfball world.

KV Stadskanaal '74 wants to be a safe association for everyone. That is why all our trainers, coaches and officials have a VOG statement. If there is something that is less pleasant, the association has a confidential advisor. More information is  can be found here  .


In principle, new members start as a non-playing member. The (youth) technical committee determines in consultation with trainers when a player can participate in (competition) matches. This is usually when sufficient basic korfball skills are available and there is space in a team. If you are assigned to a team, we assume that you will play weekly matches. The age of the child on January 1 of the competition year is taken into account in the classification.

The korfball competition is played both indoors and outdoors. A season consists of 3 competitions. The fall competition is outdoors running from the September to October. The indoor competition is in and will run from November to the end of March. The spring competition is outside again and runs from the beginning of April to the beginning of June.

The schedule for the matches can be found on the team page. It states what time the match starts and what time you have to be present. At away games, it is also stated which parents have to drive. For each match, other parents are appointed to arrange transport for the team. If the parents cannot make it, they can exchange each other. For away matches we gather during the field competition in the parking lot near the field and during the indoor competition in the parking lot behind the Spont.

If you are unable to attend, you must unsubscribe as early as possible from the competition secretary.

If a child is placed in a team, the parents are invited to participate in the group app. Here you can communicate the latest things about the competitions and training sessions. If a parent does not want to participate in this, another method of communication will be considered.

Click here for the rules that are observed when playing korfball.


KV Stadskanaal '74 plays the matches in a blue shirt, with white pants or skirt and white socks. You will receive the shirt from the association before the match. After the game you hand in the shirt again. Parents are asked to take turns washing the shirts.

Shoes on the field

On the field it is convenient to play in studded shoes. There is no difference in korfball or football boots. Shoes are available for members that you can borrow. Ask the trainer about this.

Shoes in the hall

You must have indoor shoes that have not been worn outside in the hall. Please note that not all rooms allow shoes with a black sole.

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In addition to korfball, other fun activities are organized every month. The activity and other information are communicated via the website, Facebook and the app.

Most activities are free, sometimes a small contribution is requested.

The highlight of the year is the korfball camp at the end of the season.


Stadskanaal '74 wants to be a safe association for everyone. That is why there are a number of rules of conduct that we expect all members to adhere to. You will find the rules below.

We are a small association so everyone knows each other. This sometimes makes it difficult to hold each other accountable for transgressive behaviour. That is why the association has a   confidant   who can help you to discuss matters.

But that's not all the association does. All trainers, coaches and officials have a VOG (Statement of Conduct) that is updated regularly. There are regular trainer meetings with the trainers. There is not only discussed about the technical aspects of being a trainer, but also about involving all players in a team.


Hieronder kan je de statuten en alle verschillende versies van ons logo downloaden.


During activities and competitions, photos and video recordings can be made that are published on the website and social media. This takes into account players who have indicated that their photos may not be published. Of course, opponents can also take pictures or film a match. KV Stadskanaal '74 is not responsible for these publications.

Photos and videos of matches can be viewed on our Flickr or YouTube account.

When publishing photos, KV Stadskanaal'74 uses a code in which the interests of the player are taken into account. Indecent photos will not be published.

If you see pictures of yourself and your child on the website or Facebook that you would rather have removed, you can notify us by sending an email to the webmaster ( ).

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