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Poster korfbaldag 2.jpg

Korfball day is over, but it was a beautiful day! For all the children who were present on this day, you will find all kinds of fun information on this page. And at the very bottom of the page there are all kinds of nice photos of the day.

In any case, we thought it was a very beautiful day. All day long we saw fanatical children, helpful children, cheerful children, thirsty children and enthusiastic children walking around. And even though only a few teams can win a prize, it was not due to the enthusiasm! in our eyes we have only seen winners!

But here are the teams that also received a prize:

If it is just as warm as the school korfball tournament, then beach korfball is of course also fun! We mix the teams and everyone can participate. So bring a friend and come along!

Kom korfballen.jpg

Did you like korfball? Then come and participate more often! Below you can see when we train. You can just come, registration is not necessary, but you can!

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