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Do you want to become a member?

Nice that you are interested in becoming a member of KV Stadskanaal '74. On this page you will find all information about a membership. Want to know more about our association? View other pages such as "The association" and "Training times" or  click on the social media logos at the bottom left of the website. 

You can download a registration form at the bottom right. But if you want more information first, you can find it below.

Getting acquainted at different ages

Are you between:

  • 4 and 7 years old , then you can join the Kangaroos

  • 8 and 12 years , come and participate in a training of the D / E

  • 12 and 16 years old , you can join de  B

  • 16 and 19 years old , come and join a training of the A

  • 19 years or older , you are welcome at the Seniors

  • There are also special training courses for the Recreational and Disabled target groups

On the site you can find the training times under the heading teams. Of course you can train first to see if you like it. At the moment we don't have teams in every age category, but we do have children of all ages. You can always train!


A membership always lasts until the end of the current season and cannot be canceled in the meantime. You are part of a team and your team members expect you not to let them down in the middle of a season.

In addition, the association also pays a contribution to the korfball association for you, and that contribution must be paid for a whole year in advance. If you still want to cancel, do so before May 1 of the current association year.

A membership always lasts until June 30 of the current association year. If we do not receive a cancellation, we assume that you will also play at Stadskanaal '74 next season.

Changes in your address or other information can be passed on to the member administration by email. Information booklet new members.


After your registration as a member of Stadskanaal'74 you will receive an authorization form for the automatic debit of your contribution from your bank account. Every quarter the amount of the association contribution plus one quarter of the annual association contribution is debited.

It is possible to collect the contribution in three ways.

  • Per year:

Collection on September 15

  • Quarterly :

Collection on October 1, January 15, March 15 and June 1.

Association contribution 2021/2022:


Training member




Kangaroos / Cubs

holiday maker


other members


Federal contribution 2021/2022





Kangaroo / Cub

holiday maker


other members

€ 44.00 (per quarter)

€ 22.00 (per quarter)

€ 34.50 (per quarter)

€ 30.50 (per quarter)

€ 24.50 (per quarter)

€ 19.50 (per quarter)

€ 25.50 (per quarter)

€ 25.50 (per quarter)

€ 25.00 (per year)

€ 25.00 (per year)

€ 37.00 (per year)

€ 30.50 (per year)

€ 23.00 (per year)

€ 19.00 (per year)

€ 11.50 (per year)

€ 5.50 (per year)

€ 19.00 (per year)

€ 5.00 (per year)

Youth Fund Sport & Culture

More and more children in Stadskanaal and the surrounding area are unable to participate in activities that are quite normal for their friends for financial reasons. They are often literally on the sidelines. Youth Fund Sport & Cultuur would like to help these children!

The Youth Fund Sport & Culture makes it possible for children and young people from families with little money to participate in korfball or another sport. For those children and young people we pay the contribution / tuition and in certain cases the necessary attributes.

Game rules

  • Applications may be made for several children from one family  . An application must be submitted separately for each child.

  • An application can only be made by a  intermediary *.

  • The contribution / tuition is paid directly to the sports club or institution where the child has lessons.

  • Rules about the amount of the contribution or the age of the child may differ per fund or municipality. For exact rules per municipality, look at this link:  ' Find a fund near you '.

  • The contribution must be reapplied for annually.

*An intermediary is an intermediary who is professionally involved in the education, supervision or education of the child. Think of a teacher (primary and secondary school), youth counselor, sports neighborhood coach, general practitioner, administrator or a social worker. Would you like to know more about the role of the intermediary? Then look at .

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