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Safe association

Korfbalvereniging Stadkanaal '74 wants to be a (socially) safe korfball association, where everyone can enjoy playing korfball and really feel at home. This means that within the association we must do everything we can to prevent issues such as taunting and bullying, aggression and violence, discrimination, sexual intimidation and other undesirable behavior as much as possible.

Undesirable behavior occurs everywhere and can therefore – unfortunately – also be indoors

prevent our association. Which to some might be a joke,

can be an undesirable behavior for the other person. The best would

are that the person is directly addressed for the behavior that is

is perceived as undesirable.
This is not always easy in practice. Feelings of

powerlessness, shame, anger or whatever may be the reason that you

so keep walking around with it. In such cases, it is good to

person who does not pass on anything and who has a

has a duty of confidentiality.


Within KV Stadskanaal'74, the confidential counselor is Nienke Laan.

If you would like to talk to someone about it, contact the confidential counselor and you will look for a solution together. If you cannot resolve the matter together, the confidential counselor will consult with you to see what you can do about it. So don't keep walking around with it and feel free to contact us!

Nienke can be found regularly at competitions and training, feel free to contact her.

Mail address Nienke Laan:


Sports Trust

You can also contact an independent person outside the association about unacceptable behavior within sport (such as bullying, abuse of power, doping use, bribery and sexual intimidation, etc.) via the NOC*NSF Confidential Point for Sports via telephone number: 0900 – 202 55 90.

For all athletes and their environment, NOC*NSF has set up the Trust Point for Sport in consultation with the sports associations. Because in addition to all the positive sides, sport also has a downside. This concerns deviations from the rules, values and norms in sport. Deviations in the field of doping, match fixing and sexual harassment that affect the Olympic core values of respect, friendship and fair play.  That is why NOC*NSF has set up a Trust Point. Here you can ask questions or make reports about matters that may conflict with the rules, values and norms in sport. These can be personal dilemmas or unpleasant experiences, but you can also go there if you want to report transgressive behavior of others.


In a confidential conversation with a confidential counselor or advisor, you discuss what is bothering you and what steps you could take to tackle it. You always retain control of what is done with your story.

Are you on something? Please contact Nienke Laan (0621226464) or call the Sports Confidential Point, 0900 – 202 55 90 (usual call charges)!

For more information about Confidence Point Sport, visit their site.  Click here to go there right away.

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